Tours of the Grand Canyon (Easy Guide)
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Tours of the Grand Canyon (Easy Guide)

Visiting the Grand Canyon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that gives so many memories for you to cherish. Various tours are offered in the canyon, by plane, train, and car. Neither of these is less adventurous or less thrilling than the others. Each one is spectacular.  Why should you take a guided tour? If you are…

Visiting the Grand Canyon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that gives so many memories for you to cherish. Various tours are offered in the canyon, by plane, train, and car. Neither of these is less adventurous or less thrilling than the others. Each one is spectacular. 

Why should you take a guided tour?

If you are a regular traveler to the place, you can travel to the park on your own. But if this is the only time you are visiting, then we suggest you take a guided tour. A guided tour offers less flexibility on your itinerary, but it is worth it. All you have to do is just enjoy the beauty of this place without worrying about where you will eat, how much you have to drive, and where you have to stay. Everything is taken care of. It is a good option for instant travelers as it requires much less planning. The itineraries are designed to cover the maximum area in minimum time, so you will see more of the Grand Canyon with a guided tour. 

Best guided tours in the Grand Canyon

Following is the list of tours we suggest you choose if you are planning to visit the place:

3 – Hour Off Road Sunset Safari to Grand Canyon

This tour has forest passes which expedite your travel time in the area. It takes you to places like Yavapai point, Pipe Creek Canyon, etc., with animals enjoying their natural surroundings. You end the tour with a gorgeous sunset at Grandview point. 

Image from Tripadvisor

This tour is perfect for those looking to explore the Grand Canyon beyond the tourist spots and be in the lap of nature. A typical itinerary starts with Grand Canyon South Rim with the next stop at Yavapai Point, where you enjoy the Colorado River and Phantom Ranch. You then visit Pipe Creek Vista and end with Grandview point. The maximum number of travelers for this is 12. 

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Price: $124 per person

For reservations, visit here

Hermit loop tour by Wildland trekking

This tour is a priceless gift for those visiting the Canyon for its breathtaking beauty. The approximate distance covered is 50 km over 4-5 days. The areas covered include the Bright Angels trail, Tonto trail, Monument creek, and the serene beauty of the Colorado river. 

You will be assisted by some of the best guides in the area, making your trip much more fun and exciting. This is perfect for those looking for solitude and calmness in the area.

Price: Starts from $1540

For reservations, visit here. 

Grand Canyon Signature Hummer tour

Visit the best of Grand Canyon in an open-air hummer and a guide to make you feel closer to the area. It is a half-day tour of the South Rim. The tour is uniquely designed to avoid crowds and visit the best of this area. The tour departs from Buck Wild Hummer terminal near South Rim. The tour offers transportation facilities from the South Rim Hotels, but not any area lying beyond Tusayan. A full refund is applicable on cancellations 24 hours before the designated time. The maximum number of people allowed on this tour is 13. 

Image from Tripadvisor

The best part about this tour is that the hummer is windowless, so the scenes are phenomenal. 

Price: $115 per person

For reservations, visit here.  

Grand Canyon South Rim, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend tour from Las Vegas

This tour is 17-19 hours long, and you visit three iconic places in a single day. The pickup is from Las Vegas, but it is restricted to two hotels, Bellagio Hotel and Casino and Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. You start by visiting the Horseshoe Bend, where you get a stunning view of the Colorado River. From there, you move to the Antelope Canyon, which has captivated photographers worldwide with its colors. After admiring the view, you will be taken to South Rim brimming with many tourist points like Yavapai Point and Moran point. 

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You can stop for souvenirs and refresh yourself in some cafeteria. An important point to remember is infants are not allowed on this trip. Only children older than 3 years can accompany their guardians. 

Price: $328 per person

For reservation, visit here. 

Adventure tour – Grand Canyon West Rim with Skywalk

This is by National Park Express and is almost a 7-hour tour. You admire the Mojave desert, visit Hoover Dam, and be present on the Hualapai land. West Rim houses some of the most stunning views at Eagle Point, Guano Point, and the ranch of the Hualapai tribe. A boat ride on the Colorado River is a part of the tour. 

The tour includes a shuttle and a flight. You have a chance to immerse in the beauty of the Grand Canyon, and the aerial views of the place are like a paradise. Skywalk at the canyon has gained traction and therefore is a part of this tour. You will be thrilled to walk on it. 

This tour requires a minimum booking of 2 people. This tour involves flight and helicopter and therefore includes a weight restriction. People weighing more than 285 lbs have to purchase an extra seat. 

Price: $1099.99 per person

For reservations, click here.

How many days should one stay at the Grand Canyon?

The canyon is an ever-expanding heritage site. You should plan for at least two days if you want to imbibe the experience of this magnificent place. Although many people take a one-day trip, it is not worth it if you don’t enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset that this place offers. The hikes of this place are something an adventure lover should not miss.

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Are Grand Canyon tours necessary?

Not. The guided tours are essential for those who want to capture the essence of the Grand Canyon without going through the hassles of planning an itinerary and driving. This is also a good option for those who have not planned the trip well in advance. 

Word of caution for tours

  • Before deciding on tours, check on the minimum ticket bookings allowed so that there is no spoiling of plans last minute
  • Many tours do not allow infants to travel, while some take extra charges. Visit the website for details
  • Carry your ID at all times
  • Follow the itinerary before booking so that all the places you intend to visit are covered in the tour. 

Final thoughts

This place is a heaven for many and the pride of the US. To embrace it completely, take the time to visit it in completion or book tours that will assist you to do the same. For more tour options, you can visit here. 

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