Best Places To Eat In Tulsa
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Best Places To Eat In Tulsa

Find the best places to eat in Tulsa for every taste and cuisine under the sun: best recommendations, cost, ambiance, fine dine, etc.

Tulsa is a beautiful city located in Oklahoma, US. It is renowned for its exceptional architecture and exquisite dining experience. It houses some of the best chefs and restaurants in the US and offers a delightful culinary experience to satisfy your taste buds. Tulsa sees an annual footfall of almost 9.5 million visitors of different ethnicities, thus, raising doubts about the inclusivity of the gastronomic experience. However, it is worth noting that the cuisines offered in Tulsa are not limited to American flavors, so you don’t have to worry about finding the same food everywhere and can feel at home in various eateries.  

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The following list has been curated using TripAdvisor reviews that will surely answer your doubt and questions regarding the city’s dining.  

Nola’s Creole And Cocktails

Creole is an embodiment of togetherness despite the difference as it is an amalgamation of Spanish, French, Native American, and West African cuisines. It is a modestly priced and top-rated eatery in Tulsa as per TripAdvisor and a must-visit for tourists. It allows people to give gift cards to their loved ones, which has become a unique selling point for this place. In short, its voodoo chicken is responsible for spinning people around through its voodoo magic and making them fall in love with this place.       

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Kilkenny Irish Pub

Awarded by the visitors as having the best service, best late-night dining, and best brunch of 2019, this pub is one of the highest-rated eateries in Tulsa. The prices of the place lie between $6 and $25. According to visitors, their service made the dining experience memorable. People who have been to Ireland describe this place as authentic and reminiscent of the country. 

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Andolini’s Pizzeria

Awarded by The Food Network as serving the best pizza in Oklahoma and one of the top 10 pizza places in the US, this place is heaven for pizza lovers. The prices lie between $6 and $15 and offer a taste that is addictive, delicious, and unforgettable. It is a delightful restaurant to visit when you are in Tulsa. 

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Charleston’s Restaurant

It is a modestly priced restaurant located in the heart of South Tulsa. It offers some of the best authentic American classics to satiate your cravings for American food! The inviting and cozy ambiance of the place makes visitors return to the restaurant again and again. It has a separate gluten-free menu, showcasing their concern about your health and choice. 

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This place is named after the endemic parrot of Caribbean Island in Dominica. It is another top-rated eatery in Tulsa that offers authentic Caribbean food with a touch of European and American cuisines. You get the best Caribbean, American, and European food in one place; what more do you need, right? It’s jerk chicken, and an impeccable wine selection makes people swoon. 

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This restaurant is a feather from the cap of Justin Thompson’s restaurant group, known across Tulsa as the city’s best chef. Though slightly expensive, it offers an elegant dining experience with a rustic yet inviting ambiance. The farm produce used in food is sourced locally and is one of the top eateries that has been complimented for the best farm-to-table experience. 

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The Chalkboard

Tucked in the historical Ambassador Hotel building, this restaurant has made its place in the hearts of the people of Tulsa. However, you need to remember that it is operating on limited hours at this point due to refurbishing work and is expected to be fully functional by October-end. The beef wellington served by this place is one the best in the US, according to visitors. Make sure you add this restaurant to your go-to places list. 

You can check more about the menu and vibe of this place here.    

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Smoke On Cherry Street

The Tulsa Voice survey awarded this place the best of Tulsa for the year 2017. The manager of this place describes the significance of Smoke as the cooking method that chefs use a woodfire grill and a separate cigar lounge for the visitors. It prides itself on being inspired by America and using the best locally sourced farm produce for cooking, making meals fresh and juicy. 

You can check this smokin’ hot place right here.  

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Villa Ravenna Fine Dining

This place offers an exquisite collection of fine Italian dining. What did I tell you in the beginning- food options in Tulsa are not limited to American food, right? It has the best pasta, seafood, and an exquisite wine selection with a romantic, dim-light ambiance for a perfect date night with your bae. The price range falls between $30-$50. 

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Mahogany Prime Steakhouse

Are you looking for a place in Tulsa for a small gathering with your loved ones that offers a private and premium dining experience? Well, this steakhouse is perfect for you. It provides a perfectly cooked steak with a fine wine selection complementing your meal. But, its food variety is not limited to steak as is misconstrued by people focusing only on the place name. Although its collection might seem fancy, the ambiance is quite warm and approachable, ensuring ease and comfort for the people without being intimidating. 

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Final Thoughts

A rich culinary experience can elevate a person’s travel itinerary, while a bad one can become a spoilsport. Thousands of people have validated the places mentioned here as worthy of your time and money. So, tell your growling tummies that their wait for good food is over, and make your reservations for a gratifying culinary experience.     

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