Hotels in the Grand Canyon South Rim
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Hotels in the Grand Canyon South Rim

Incised by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is a fascinating world heritage site. It is one of the most intriguing and studied landscapes because it encompasses evidence of fossils and rock formations of three of the four geological ages.  It’s not only about beauty, but this world’s wonder also offers some comfortable stay options…

Incised by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is a fascinating world heritage site. It is one of the most intriguing and studied landscapes because it encompasses evidence of fossils and rock formations of three of the four geological ages. 

It’s not only about beauty, but this world’s wonder also offers some comfortable stay options for tourists to feel at home and re-energize themselves for the hikes and travel.

Should one stay inside or outside the park?

If you are visiting the place to get immersed in the lap of nature regardless of the comfort offered, then for you, staying inside the park is the best option. Though there are various stay options inside the park, the luxury and connectivity of the hotels outside are unmatched. With TripAdvisor reviews as evidence, we strongly recommend you stay inside the park and enjoy the Grand Canyon entirely, from watching the early sunrise to sunset without wasting time traveling. 

Which rim has the best hotels?

Though each rim has its fun and pleasure, the most comfortable lodges are on the South Rim to cater to the massively high number of tourists visiting it each year compared to other rims. Stays at the South Rim combine comfort, luxury, and the wilderness experience. The added benefit is that the South Rim has multiple hotel options for tourists, so they can make choices keeping in mind the budget, views, and amenities offered.

Cost of staying inside the Grand Canyon park

The average stay price is $170, with the lowest range starting at $90 and going up to $500. 

Best hotels of the South Rim

The South Rim hosts a high number of tourists each year, necessitating the need for higher accommodations. We have made hotel searching in South Rim easy for you by compiling all the necessary information in one place. You can visit their official website for more updates.

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El Tovar

This hotel is known for its most high-profile presidential visits, adding value to this masterpiece. It is one of the most expensive hotels in the area, with prices depending on the time and date of the stay. The hotel has 78 rooms and is close to some of the best hotels in the area. The dining room of El Tovar is one of them. The elevators are not present in the building, and every room is unique. It offers some of the most spectacular views of the canyon, making a stay here worthwhile. At least six months before the desired stay date, book your stay as it gets full quickly. 

Image from Tripadvisor

The room rates fall between $277 and $513. The rate depends on the season and the kind of room, i.e., a standard room or a suite. This cost is not meal-inclusive. Free cancellations are permissible within a week. Credit cards are the only mode of payment accepted for reservations. 

Phone: +1 928-638-2631

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Bright Angel lodge

It is an affordable option for people who are low on budget, but one should not mistake its low prices for a sub-standard service. It is a national historic landmark. This place has 90 rooms, is at the foot of the Bright Angel Trail, and is surrounded by visit-worthy dining places like Arizona Steakhouse and Fred Harvey’s Burgers. It does not offer online reservations. Room prices start at $200.

Image from Tripadvisor

Phone number: (928) 638-2631

Book here.

Yavapai lodge

This place is another affordable option for tourists tucked in the pine forests. The rooms are in good condition and are pet-friendly. The dining at this place is one of the best in the South Rim. There are multiple room options to choose from, and it has one of the largest accommodation spaces in the area.

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Image from Tripadvisor

Here, comfort meets convenience by being adjacent to the Canyon Village Market Plaza, where you can find all the daily amenities, thus making it one of the best choices, especially if you are traveling with family. The prices of the room start at $190. 

Phone number: 877-404-4611

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Thunderbird lodge

It is between El Tovar and Bright Angel Lodge. The lodge is quite comfortable and convenient. There are two types of rooms: one offering a street view and the other a canyon view. Each room has a coffee machine, a TV, a telephone, and other necessities. The rooms start at $240.

Image from Tripadvisor

Phone number: (888) 297-2757 or (303) 297-2757

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Maswik lodge

It is one of the rare lodges on the South Rim with an elevator. It has four buildings which are all double-storied. It underwent renovation in 2019, a development after decades on the south rim. 

The rooms have all necessities required during a stay, be it a coffee machine, hair dryer, TV, etc. The renovated rooms also have kitchenettes for those who prefer to eat self-cooked food on the trip, which is a game changer for the hospitality industry in the Grand Canyon. The rooms start from $240. 

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Phone number: (888) 297-2757

Book here.

Cities and towns near the South Rim

The south rim is not isolated from the rest of the world and has some good cities and towns surrounding it, where people can go if they wish to spend some time away from the wilderness and have a city life experience. Some towns are listed as follows:

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It is one of the most popular towns at merely 2 miles from the Grand Canyon. It is a fun place for those who wish to enjoy native American culture without tiring hikes down the canyon or for those who have time to explore the park outskirts. This place has some popular restaurant chains and authentic Mexican food at Plaza Bonita. 

You can find more information on Tusayan here.


It is known as the gateway to the grand canyon. Located in the Kaibab National Forest, this place offers multiple recreational opportunities, an exciting wilderness experience, rich wildlife, and many hiking trails. You can visit their official website and look at the specialties of this natural beauty. Looks for hotels and tourism opportunities here.

Tuba City

This place houses the rich heritage of native tribes. Located in the Painted Desert, the Navajo Nation near the city houses much of the four corners area, made up of Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, and Antelope Canyon. You can find more information about this city here


It is one of the airports from where taxis board for the Grand Canyon National Park. The city also has a rich heritage of astronomical milestones and space-related events. It is close to 7 national parks and monuments. Visit here for more information on the tourism potential of the area. 

Final thoughts

Make a wise choice depending on your travel company as to which stay would be the best, and make sure to contact the given numbers and ask for any specific requirements or if any restrictions are in place owing to the pandemic. The cities around the canyon are delightful, so if you have time, you should check them out.

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