How much does Food cost in Goa?

  • By: Nikita
  • Date: March 5, 2021
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Food in Goa is much cheaper than eating anywhere else in India and the world by extension. The typical cost of enjoying a balanced diet in Goa is ₹50 to ₹750 ($0.5 to $10) for breakfast and ₹250 to ₹3000 ($3 to $40) for lunch/dinner. Here, the lower end of the range will provide for meals had in local eateries, roadside hotels, and street food whereas, the expensive end caters for food served in fine-dining restaurants. Typically, a Goan household spends a maximum of  ₹15,000 or $200 on groceries per month.

The food prices in supermarkets are also considerably lower than in the United States.

For instance, In Goa city, you have to pay for,

  • Bottle of Milk (1 liter): ₹50 ($0.6)
  • Cold cuts or sausage (1 kg): ₹595 ($8)
  • A mid-range wine (one bottle) ₹600 ($8)
  • A famous yellow cheese (1kg): ₹550 ( $7.5)
  • A bottle of beer from a well-known brand: ₹161 ($2)

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Street Food in Goa with Prices

Goa Street Food Price List (In Indian Rupee, $1= ₹75)

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Goan Food Rate Card

Ross Omelet  ₹50 ($.75)

Ross Omlet

This super delicious street delicacy is nothing but your regular omelet made extraordinary with a splash of different gravies. Ross or Ras means gravy in Konkani.

Goan Mutton Soup  ₹40($0.55)

Mutton Soup

Fish Cutlet  ₹20 ($0.3)

Your typical minced fish cutlet- shallow fried in a pan and served with a dip or salsa.

Squids/Prawns Chilly in Goan Masala  ₹210 ($2.5)

Squid Masala

Squid cooked in a spicy curry served with salad.

Pork Vindaloo ₹200 ($2.5)

pork vindaloo


The spiced and flavorful street diet of Goa, known as “Pork Vindaloo”, and the outcome of Indians spices placed in the indigenous recipe, which leaves taste blooms tickly for more. It can be made when potatoes and boneless pork are prepared in Indian spices like Kashmiri pepper, cumin, cloves with a lavish amount of vinegar.

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Shawarma  ₹75 ($1)


Shawarma is slightly spiced light-cooked, crunchy lettuce, and veggies fixed in a flatbread. One shawarma is sufficient for a person and is tasty and filling.

Samosa  ₹20 ($0.25)



Spice up your winter’s afternoon and evening tea with this lovely street food, not only in Goa city but the whole country. It is a crunchy, golden brown puff pastry with veggies, chicken, and beef. A famous choice of both tourists and locals.

Fish Thali  ₹400 ($5.5)

fish thali

This meal consists of fish fry, fish curry, squid/calamari masala, Indian flatbread, and rice.

Gadbad Ice Cream ₹120 ($1.5)

gadbad icecream


This dessert is a layered ice-cream topped with dry fruits, jelly, sprinkles, and chocolate. Try it at Cream Centre in Panjim and Navtara Veg Restaurant in Mapusa.