Is Goa a Dangerous place?

  • By: Nikita
  • Date: March 5, 2021
  • Time to read: 4 min.

There might be numerous myths related to Goa but one thing is for sure that Goa is one of the most popular destinations in India. Ranging from college students to couples planning destination weddings, everyone is always willing to drop by the beautiful beaches of Goa. However, there are two sides to Goa. On one hand, there are numerous beautiful beaches, Portuguese colonies, shacks, cheap alcohol and luxurious resorts. Whereas, on the other hand, lies the darker side of Goa which involves drugs, rave parties, bar fights and other illegal activities. You can surely have a memorable trip to Goa and enjoy the beauty and diversity, but you have to be aware of the dangers.

Is Goa safe at night?

Goa is as safe as any other metro city but on a bad day, you can get into trouble in any corner of the world. So it is always better to be safe and careful. South Goa is lined up with numerous hotels, resorts and restaurants. Life after sunset in Goa is a mixed bag. There are numerous bars, pubs and shacks which makes Goa a happening and exciting place all year round. In that sense, Goa is quite lively at night but that also means a cause of extra caution. Thefts, duped drinks, taxi scams are very common, especially in South Goa. It is advisable to spend the day on beaches, part at pubs and return to your hotel by a decent time to avoid mishaps and troubles involving the police.

Can we sleep on the beach in Goa?

There is no such rule or law which will prevent you from dozing off on the beach after a fun-filled day but it is certainly not advisable to do so. It also depends on the specific beach you are considering. If you are around Baga beach in North Goa, then it might not be that big an issue because the pubs around are open till almost sunrise. But if you are towards the southern side of Goa, you would hardly find people on the beaches at night. Crabs and other creatures come out of their burials at night to storm the shores and it might not be the best idea to spend your night getting into a fight with a creature with sharp claws and 8 legs.

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Is Goa safe for unmarried couples and female Travellers?

The straightforward answer to ‘Yes and Yes’. Goa is very safe for couples who aren’t married and also for female travellers. On a comparative note, Goa as a city has a more progressive mindset as compared to other parts of India. It hardly matters whom you travel with, no one questions such things in Goa and your privacy is respected to a great extent throughout the city. Solo female travellers or females travelling with their girl gang need not worry about such things. It is perfectly safe to travel to Goa for a getaway. The primary thing of concern is the choice of hotel. Make sure to chose a decent hotel for your stay. A decent 3-star hotel that asks for your identification would be a bare minimum to plan a safe trip. It is the first step in ensuring that your vacation is going to be memorable and flawless.

Things avoid in Goa

  • Do not do drugs or get involved in any related activity. It might land you in trouble with the locals and police might get you behind bars or leave you with a hole in your pocket. Drugs are illegal in India
  • Everyone is aware that alcohol in Goa is probably cheaper than most parts of the country but still to limit yourself. You would not like to find yourself sloshed and lying in a place that you don’t even remember the next morning.
  •  Another thing you should avoid in Goa is falling prey to extortion by local autos and taxis. Try to book a cab or taxi beforehand with a fixed-rate. There are also numerous options for self-drive vehicles that you can explore.
  • Make sure not to drink and drive.
  • Make sure to wear something on the beaches at all times, it is against the law to be naked on any of the beaches in the city.
  • Respect the privacy and personal space of fellow tourists. Also, make sure not to stare at unknown people, it might be offensive and certainly not appropriate morally.  Engage with the people you are travelling with and try not to intrude the personal boundaries of others.
  • Be extra careful when clicking pictures. Do not click pictures of unknown people without consent. It is highly inappropriate and illegal.
  • Keep in mind that beaches are public places, essentially meant for a family crowd, so try to refrain from over the top public display of affection.
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Goa Emergency Helpline Numbers

For landlines, use STD Code – 0832 (all numbers with 7 digits are landlines)

Emergency Service Contacts
Police 100/2225360/2224997
Fire 101/2225500/2425101
Ambulance 102/2458725/00/07
Emergency Service 108
Hotline 1098
Helpline 2412121s


Hospitals in Goa

For landlines, use STD Code – 0832 (all numbers with 7 digits are landlines)

Emergency Service Contacts Location
Casulaty GMC 2458725 Bambolim, Goa
Goa Medical College* 2458700 / 08 Bambolim, Central Goa
Asilo, Mapusa/td> 2262372/2265119 Alto Duler, Mapusa, Goa
Hospicio, Margao 2705664/2705754 Margao Goa
Community Health Centre, Ponda 2312115/16 Ponda Goa
Urban Health Centre, Vasco 2512307 Chicalim, Vasco Goa
Cottage Hospital, Vasco 2540864 Chicalim, Vasco Goa
Urban Health Centre, Panaji* 2426495 Panaji Goa

*Government Hospitals


Emergency Numbers obtained from GTDC website.