Top 5 destinations for workation near Pune-Mumbai

After a year of being locked up at home, we all need a relaxing holiday in the hills or by the beach, in the meadows, or by the lakes. With some travel restrictions still in place, you can plan a workation to nearby destinations. There are so many unexplored spots in Maharashtra in the western…

After a year of being locked up at home, we all need a relaxing holiday in the hills or by the beach, in the meadows, or by the lakes. With some travel restrictions still in place, you can plan a workation to nearby destinations. There are so many unexplored spots in Maharashtra in the western ghats and untouched beaches in Konkan that you can visit. Plan a workation to these destinations near Mumbai and Pune to revitalize yourself without having to compromise on work.

All the enlisted places are accessible throughout the year. You can plan a road trip, take a train, a ferry or a bus. All these destinations have easy accessibility from Mumbai and Pune. 

Workation near Pune or Mumbai can be planned at the following destinations:

  1. Workation in Panchgani near Mumbai-Pune
  2. Workation at Alibaug near Pune-Mumbai
  3. Workation at Igatpuri near Nashik
  4.  Workation at Dapoli near Pune-Mumbai
  5.  Workation at Mahabaleshwar near Pune-Mumbai
  6. Workation at Lonavala near Pune Mumbai
  7. Workation at Mulshi near Pune Mumbai
  8. Workation at Amby Valley near Pune Mumbai
  9. Workation at Pawna near Pune
  10. Workation at Diu Daman near Mumbai

Lets discuss a few of the the above trips in more details:


1. Workation in Panchgani near Mumbai-Pune

This breathtaking hill station in Satara is nestled amidst five hills of Sahyadris. It was a popular getaway during British rule and you can still see colonial structures, Parsi houses, and the old charm alive. The plantations, farms, rivers, and enchanting forests of Panchgani are perfect for you to luxuriate. Close to Mumbai and Pune, Panchangi still has a very secluded vibe. It is away from the bustle, yet close enough. 


There are frequent buses from Pune and Mumbai. Panchgani is 242 km from Mumbai and takes around 5 hours to reach. It is easier to travel to Panchgani from Pune. It is only 98 km from Pune and takes about 2 hours. There are several viewpoints en route, making it an exciting journey for a road trip from Pune. Panchgani looks prettiest during the monsoons. The pastures are greener, the clouds lower, and the air smells of petrichor. Another option would be to visit during the winters.

Workation in Panchgani: Stay option for two people

The property is comfortably furnished for a pleasant workation. It offers all the essentials for a perfect workation, such as Wi-Fi, a kitchen, terrace views, and a quiet environment to lounge.  


Accommodation Type: Private room in an entire flat for two people
Cost: ₹1000 ($14) per night (for two) 



Things to do in Panchgani

It is impossible to enlist all the attractions in Panchgani. There is a viewpoint around every turn, and just as scenic as the last one. Explore as much as you can during your workation. 

  1. Devrai Art Village 

Devrai art village is a non-profit initiative to bridge the gap between urban and tribal through creativity and art. The two-acre land houses many artisans and craftworker. You can shop for intricate artefacts or even stay at their cottage property for the weekend.

  1. Paragliding 

Panchgani is a go-to place for all adventure enthusiasts for Paragliding in Maharashtra. With the cheery weather, clear skies, 360° views of the valleys and hills, Paragliding is the best way to spend your weekend. 

Cost of Paragliding in Panchgani: ₹2500- ₹3000 ($35- $42) for a 15-20 minutes’ ride. 

  1. Lingmala falls 

One of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Panchgani, Lingmala drops from the height of 600l. The waterfall has two decks, the lower and upper deck. The trek to the lower deck is strenuous, however, you can also see the waterfall from the viewpoint. 

 2. Workation at Alibaug near Pune-Mumbai

A small coastal town, Alibaug is unaffected by the chaos of the neighboring cities. Known for its quiet beaches, forts, and temples, Alibaug is a dreamy escape from the city life of Mumbai and Pune. 

The best time to visit Alibaug is from November to July. It enjoys breezy weather almost throughout the year. If you want to cozy up in your homestay and experience the monsoons, visit during the months of August-October. The peak summer months are too humid to sit by the beach, try to avoid May. 

Alibaug is well-connected by road (bus, car, shared taxi), rail and ferry. The fastest way to reach Alibaug is the ferry. It is a one-hour boat-ride to Mandwa jetty and another 30 minutes by road to Alibaug from Mumbai.

You can travel by road from Pune. There are shared cabs and buses from Pune railway station or Swargate.

Distance from Mumbai: 96km 

Travel Time by road: 2h 30m 

Distance from Pune: 152km 

Travel Time by road: 3h 30m 

Workation in Alibaug: Stay option 

Crazy Coconut – A backpacker hostel 

Located 700m from the beach, Crazy Coconut offers comfy beds in the dormitory. The property is equipped with all the amenities essential for a workation. The air-conditioned rooms have an independent seating area, free Wi-Fi throughout the property, a common area, and a shared kitchen.

Accommodation type: Bunk-bed in a 6-bed mixed dormitory 

Cost: ₹2800 ($38.50) for 7 days 

Booking link: 

Things to do in Alibaug

 Visit the picturesque beaches or dive into its fascinating history, the blissful town has so much to offer. 

  1. Explore the serene beaches of Alibaug 

Alibaug is famed for its quiet beaches, the most famous being the Alibaug beach. Alibaug beach boasts a view of the Kolaba Fort from its shore. You can take a boat ride to the fort or walk around to reach the entrance. Varsoli is one of the lesser-explored beaches, perfect to experience the solitude amidst the waves. Other popular beaches are Kihim beach and Mandwa beach. Mandwa Beach offers a view of the Gateway of India from its bay, and the Nagaon beach is popular among tourists for its water-sports activities. 

  1. Visit the temples and churches 

There are several temples in Alibaug with an ancient ancestry. Some must-visit temples are Kankeshwar Temple (set on a hill, the temple is 700 steps up), Nageshwar temple and Datta temple. 

  1. Indulge in adventure activities 

Alibaug is the most preferred spot for adventure activities in Maharashtra. The Nagaon beach is a haven for adventure lovers. Enjoy kayaking, scuba diving, and jet-skiing in the blue waters of the Arabian sea.

3. Workation at Igatpuri near Pune-Mumbai and Nashik

A hill station in Nasik district, Igatpuri has the best of everything. Spectacular waterfalls, lush meadows, massive dams, green valleys and brisk weather, Igatpuri ticks all the boxes for a perfect workation environment. 

The best time to visit Igatpuri is monsoons, from June to March. Nature is in all its glory, carpeted with dense green meadows, waterfalls and the scent of rain in the air. You can also plan a trip in winter during October- December. 

Igatpuri is 120 km from Mumbai and accessible by rail and road. The fastest way to reach is via train, it takes 1h and 30m. There are frequent buses, and the scenic route makes the journey delightful.

From Pune, it is 240 km and takes about 5 hours to reach. The most convenient option is to take a direct cab. 

Workation in Igatpuri: Stay for small groups 

  1. Tranquillity 

A comfortable home in Igatpuri, Tranquillity accommodates 5 guests. The apartment is capacious and clean. It offers all the requisites for a workation including 2 furnished bedrooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, a well-equipped kitchen, air conditioners, and a lounge area. The house also has an emergency medical kit. This home offers a restful stay and a calm environment. 

Accommodation type: Entire flat for 5 people 

Booking link: 


Cost for 1 day  Cost for 7 days  Cost for 1 month 
₹1975 ($27) for 5 people ₹395 ($5.40) per person  ₹17940 ($247) for 5 people ₹3588 ($50) per person  ₹73140 ($1006) for 5 people ₹14,628 ($201) per person 
  1. BimalFarm 

Set amidst gardens and farms, Bimal Farm offers a luxury stay for 6 guests. Located away from the city, the home is thoughtfully furnished for a Workation. Equipped with Wi-Fi and kitchen for long-stays. The property proffers other luxury amenities like beautiful views, hot tub, BBQ grills, gardens and balconies to make your stay pleasurable. 

Accommodation type: Independent house for 6 people 

Booking link: 


Cost for 1 day  Cost for 7 days  Cost for 1 month 
₹1890 ($26) for 6 people ₹315 ($4.30) per person  ₹16640 ($229) for 6 people ₹2775 ($38) per person  ₹58220 ($800) for 6 people ₹9700 ($134) per person 

Things to do in Igatpuri

It is impossible to explore all the waterfalls, nature trails, and valleys of Igatpuri in one trip. Home to scenic hills, dense forests, and meadows, you can never get enough of Igatpuri. Here is the list of the top attractions you must visit. 

  1. Tringalwadi Fort 

Situated at the height of 3000 feet, Tringalwadi Fort is a hotspot for trekkers and hikers. This 10th-century fort overlooks the scenic mountain ranges of the western ghats. The turban shaped fort is an architectural marvel and a must-visit in Igatpuri. 

  1. Bhatsa river valley 

Sits on the Bhatsa river, Bhatsa valley offers picturesque views of the splendid river, incredible rock formations, and the tail of the Thal ghat. Located right on the way from Mumbai to Igatpuri, the Bhatsa river valley is another popular spot among trekkers and hikers. 

  1. Bhavali Dam 

Bhavali Dam is a beautiful picnic spot with its panoramic views and massive dam. Constructed on the river Bham, it offers scenic views of the lush green pastures and waterfalls of Igatpuri. 

  1. Vihigaon Waterfalls

A monsoon-fed waterfall, Vihigaon fall is one of the most surreal waterfalls in Maharashtra. Hidden in the deep forest, the waterfall has an amazing rock-face for rappelling. Carry food and water if you decide to go, it is a long hike through the forest.  

4. Workation at Dapoli near Mumbai-Pune

Dapoli flaunts long stretches of sequestered beaches, natural caves, and ancient temples. An off-beat location along the Konkan coast, Dapoli is excellent for a quiet workation by the beach. 

Dapoli is easily accessible from Pune and Mumbai. There are frequent buses, however, the route is perfect for a car drive through the ghats. Dapoli is around 185 km from Pune via the shortest route(via Bhor). The scenic route is about 235 km (via Tamhini). From Mumbai, it is about 235 km and takes around 5 hours to reach. 

Being a coastal town, it enjoys breezy weather in winters and monsoons. Dapoli is humid during the summer months, May being the warmest. September to March is the ideal time to plan a trip. 

Workation in Dapoli: Stay for 4 people 

With beautiful wooden cottages, amazing views of the mountain ranges, Sylvan Greens resort is a perfect hideout for a workation amidst nature. It provides all the essential amenities for a workation, including Wi-Fi throughout the property, a restaurant, bar, gym, and a hospitable stay for its guests. 

Accommodation type: Cottage stay for 4 guests

Cost: ₹2500 ($34.40) per night (for four)

₹625 ($8.60) per person, per night. 

Booking link: 

Things to do in Dapoli: 

  1. Explore the hidden beaches 

There are countless beaches in Dapoli. Murud, Karde, Kelshi, Ladghar, Kolthare, and Savane are some of the well-known beaches that you must visit. 

  1. Sightseeing 

From the 18th-century Siddhivinayak temple to the Harnai port, from Panhalakaji caves to Parshuram Bhumi, Dapoli has some of the most ancient attractions in Konkan. 

If you want to pack your bags and leave without having to worry about food, accommodation, internet, Workation packages are a great option for you. You can get tailor-made packages to suit your needs and don’t have to spend hours browsing through the internet to find the right place. 

Several companies offer luxury workation packages near Mumbai and Pune. 

Check Valley View’s all-inclusive Workation package in Panchgani. The villa fits up to 12 people in 6 bedrooms. Find details here

You can also check this Luxury Farm Stay in Igatpuri. It is an entire villa that accommodates up to 18 people. Check more details here

Be it for a week or a month, a workation to one of these places will let you relax and unwind. Going away from the city-buzz is important, especially after a long period of being at home. There are several places to visit near Mumbai and Pune. You can plan your holiday or take a package to save time. 

As the working style of most people is changing, the idea of travel is changing too. You need not work from one place anymore, make the most of it by being in the outdoors, amidst nature and peaceful surroundings. 

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