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Top 3 destinations for a workation near Chennai

Get the most out of the new work-structure by taking a trip without having to stop working. Workation is a great mid-way for those who can’t miss work but love to travel.  If you are craving to be outdoors or want to escape the Chennai heat, Mahabalipuram, Auroville, and Kodaikanal are excellent for a workation….

Get the most out of the new work-structure by taking a trip without having to stop working. Workation is a great mid-way for those who can’t miss work but love to travel. 

If you are craving to be outdoors or want to escape the Chennai heat, Mahabalipuram, Auroville, and Kodaikanal are excellent for a workation. You can plan a road trip or take a bus to all these places. The scenic roads along the coasts and forests of Tamil Nadu are a refreshing drive. 

If you’re not sure where to go, keep reading to find out more about each destination. 

Workation in Mahabalipuram near Chennai

Located very close to Chennai, Mahabalipuram is a coastal town with ancient wonders. Famed for its architectural temples, the town has a lot more to offer. A blend of remoteness and connectivity, Mahabalipuram is an ideal destination for a workation

The best time to visit Mahabalipuram is winter. The destination enjoys pleasant weather from November to February. Winter is the best time to explore the sights and enjoy adventure sports. 

Mahabalipuram is 50 km from Chennai and is easily accessible by road. There are frequent buses back and forth. Taxi is another option to travel. It takes 1 hour 30 minutes by bus and around 1 hour by taxi. 

Find out more about where to stay, how much to spend, and what to do in Mahabalipuram. 

Stay options for Workation in Mahabalipuram

Vinodhara Guest House 

Vinodhara Guest House has comfortable rooms with all the essentials, including Wi-Fi, kitchen, parking space, and a cafe. It is located very close to the beach and temples, you can walk around exploring the major attractions

Accommodation type: Budget Twin room 

Cost: ₹13655 ($187) per month 

Booking link:  

Silver Moon Guest House 

Silver Moon Guest House features all the amenities required for a restful long-stay. It provides good Wi-Fi, well-furnished & spacious rooms, and a diner. You can work from the beautiful outdoor balcony or the homely cafe. The guest house is at a walkable distance from the beach and temples. 

Accommodation type: Economy Double room 

Cost: ₹18000 ($247) per month 

Booking link: 

Things to do in Mahabalipuram  

Shore temple 

One of the oldest temples in South India, Shore Temple, is set overlooking the Bay of Bengal. The temple complex houses three temples with shrines of Hindu gods, Shiva and Vishnu. The architectural design of the temple is a mesmerising sight. 

Wide beach 

An alluring spot for sunrise and sunsets, the wide beach of Mahabalipuram is a serene escape after a workday. There are elaborate sculptures and enthralling caves at the beach. 

Seashell museum 

The Seashell Museum in Mahabalipuram is one of the largest seashell museums in Asia. You can find various shells, fossils and corals in the museum. The entry ticket is 100 INR ($1.50).

Pancha Ratha 

Built-in the 7th century, Pancha Ratha is a group of five monuments. This UNESCO heritage site showcases five monolithic chariots. The entry for Indians is 10 INR and 250 INR ($3.50) for foreign nationals. 

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Krishna’s butterball 

It is a gravity-defying rock, perfectly balanced by a tiny point of contact. There are a few natural caves around this 250-ton rock. It is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Budget for workation in Mahabalipuram 

Accommodation takes up a sizeable chunk of the total budget in Mahabalipuram. Food is very affordable at local diners and eateries. And there are no other living costs here. You can walk around or travel in rickshaws (which is very cheap). 

Item  Cost for 1 month (approx)
Accommodation  ₹7000- ₹9000 ($96- $124) per person 
Food  ₹4500 ($62)
Miscellaneous  ₹1500 ($21)

Workation in Auroville near Chennai

Auroville is an experimental township in Tamil Nadu, based on the philosophy of sustainable living, spirituality, and connecting with nature. It is a small community of like-minded people, living together to share abundance. This quiet town has various events and volunteering opportunities to help you connect with yourself and nature. If you are looking for a small community-driven space for your Workation, Auroville is a great option for you. 

Auroville is 10 km from Puducherry and 150 km from Chennai. It is accessible by train, buses, and taxis. 

Train: There are trains from Chennai to Puducherry and it takes around 4 hours to reach. From Puducherry, frequent buses and autos are available before 8 p.m.

Buses: It takes around 3 hours by bus to reach Auroville from Chennai. The journey along the coast is very scenic. 

Taxis: Taxis are the quickest way to travel from Chennai to Auroville, but also the most expensive. You can look for shared taxi services, that will save the cost. Check the options here. The coastal town experiences hot weather almost throughout the year. You can enjoy late monsoon and early winters in October and November. The best time to visit Auroville is from October to January. 

You can find all the information about Auroville here

Stay options for Workation in Auroville

Double sharing stay-options in Auroville 

Klimt Cabin

A unique eco-living space nestled amidst lovely gardens is equipped with all the amenities required for a Workation. The artistic homestay has cozy glut-rooms, Wi-Fi throughout the property, breakfast, and a shared kitchen. Living in these beautiful wooden cottages is an immersive experience. 

Accommodation type: 1 room, 2 beds 

Cost: ₹18,360 ($251) per month (for two)

Booking link: 


With all the amenities of a modern home, this cottage-style property is great for couples, families, big groups and solo travellers. The property caters to all the needs of a long-term traveller. Equipped with Wi-Fi, Kitchen, parking space and other essentials, the homestay is Workation friendly. 

Accommodation type: 1 bedroom (2 adults or a small family)

Cost: ₹21000 ($288) per month (for two)

Booking link: 

Stay-options for solo travelers in Auroville 


Enveloped by trees, the WoodPacker Hostel is perfect for a workation. It offers free Wi-Fi in all the rooms and a designated sitting area. The common lounge is comfortably furnished and wonderfully decorated. You can work in the garden or from the comfort of your snug rooms. The property also features a shared kitchen. This quaint property is only 2.9 km from Serenity beach and 2.5 km from Matrimandir. The air-conditioned rooms and amenities make it an ideal Workation spot in Auroville. 

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Accommodation type: 8-bed mixed dormitory 

Cost: ₹10710 ($147) per month 

Booking link: 

The Dreamcatcher 

This Garden-view property renders everything you need for Workation. Free Wi-Fi throughout the space, comfortable rooms, dining area, common seating area & workspace, kitchen, washing machine and a spacious terrace to relax after a tiring workday. The rooms are equipped with a closet and air-conditioning. The bright property is designed in vibrant- colours and cheerful decor. 

Accommodation type: 8-bed mixed dormitory 

Cost: ₹10800 ($148) per month 

Booking link: 

Things to do in Auroville 


From organic farming to reforestation programs, there are several volunteering opportunities in Auroville. You can look for short-term opportunities during the weekend. 

Find the information here


The most iconic landmark of Auroville Matrimandir is spread across a vast expanse. The giant golden sphere has a meditation space inside. Outsiders need to book a visit 2 days in advance, plan it accordingly. You can register at the visitor’s centre 


Puducherry is only 10 km from Auroville. You can take your scooters and explore Puducherry over a weekend. With the rock beach, the French colony, and adorable cafes, there are endless things to do in Puducherry. 

Auroville beach 

There is nothing better than spending your Sunday by the grey shores of the Auroville beach. 

Events & Workshops 

From Wellness & yoga to music, and movie screenings, you will never run out of things to do in Auroville. There is always something exciting in and around Auroville. 

Budget for a 1-month Workation in Auroville 

Item  Cost for 1 month (approx)
Accommodation  ₹8000 ($109)- ₹12000 ($165) (per person)
Food  ₹7000 ($96)
Moped/ bicycle  ₹3000 ($41)for moped (with petrol)₹700 ($9.50) for a bicycle 

Workation in Kodaikanal near Chennai

The land of hills and forests, pastures and lakes, Kodaikanal is a serene hamlet in South India. The hill station is famed for its vistas and weather. Experience the joy of living above the clouds in this charming land of the greens. 

Kodaikanal enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. You can plan a trip any time of the year to this beautiful hill station. In winter, the place is blanketed by cold mists. Summer is ideal for adventure activities and sightseeing. The light showers of Autumn make the air rejuvenating and your stay more memorable. 

Located 528 km from Chennai, Kodaikanal is easily accessible by private buses, taxis and cars. If you want a more adventurous journey, plan a road trip along the scenic route. The drive takes about 10 hours but it is absolutely worth it 

Stay options for Workation in Auroville

DOSTel: Stay for solo travelers in Kodaikanal 

Perched on a hill, you can live above the clouds (quite literally) at DOSTel. This rustic, secluded property is a superb hideout for a workation. Its sublime location, hospitable rooms, and superb amenities are everything you need to enjoy your stay in Kodaikanal. It proffers all essentials such as Wi-Fi, Kitchen, Balcony, common lounge/work area, designated workspace in your room, free bikes (this is a huge plus), and solitude amidst nature. 

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Accommodation type: 10-bed mixed dormitory 

Cost: ₹10479 ($144) per month 

Booking link: 

Stay option for two in Kodaikanal  

The host has equipped this property with all the essentials for a long-stay. The Bnb features minimalistic rooms, Wi-Fi access throughout the property & pocket Wi-Fi, a designated workspace, a basic kitchen, and astonishing views from the garden & balcony. 

Accommodation Type: Private bedroom 

Cost: ₹22122 ($304) per month (for two) 

Booking link: 

Stay option for small-groups (6 people)

This an entire bungalow designed for long-stays. It can accommodate 6 guests in two bedrooms. Set on a hill, this property looks over green pastures and a captivating landscape. The home facilitates a workation with high-speed Wi-Fi, a separate workspace, kitchen, washing machine, and comfortable rooms. 

Accommodation type: Entire bungalow 

Cost: ₹51750 ($712) i.e., ₹8625 ($119) per person 

Booking link: 

Things to do in Kodaikanal


The destination is famous for its lakes, forests, and waterfalls. Spend your day boating in the Kodai lake or explore the waterfalls. Watch the magical sunsets from Bryant park or go to the green valley point for panoramic views of the land. Don’t plan too much, every path in Kodaikanal is picturesque. 


Kodaikanal is a trekker’s paradise, hiking through amazing landscapes and untouched trails is a rugged experience in the wilderness. Dolphin’s nose trek, Bear Shola trek, Pine forest trek, Pillar rock are the most stunning day hikes in Kodaikanal. Check the route, and timings with your local hotel before you go. 

Adventure activities 

With massive boulders, remote trails, enchanting camping spots, and laid-back boating rides, Kodaikanal is a haven for adventure seekers. It has something for everyone, from hardcore exploration to easy-going adventure. 

Budget for a 1-month Workation in Kodaikanal   

Item  Cost for 1 month 
Accommodation  ₹8000- ₹10000 ($110- $138)
Food  ₹6000 ($82)
Moped/ bicycle  ₹500/day ($7)
Miscellaneous  ₹3000 ($41)

Workation packages near Chennai 

The work-culture has changed post-covid and the travel industry has adapted to the changes. The concept of workation is taking more shape and several travel companies are offering such packages. You can get the entire package that includes everything (stay, meals, workspace, essentials) or just book a long-stay with hotels, hostels, and resorts. 

Taking a package deal saves time and energy, but the all-inclusive packages are slightly more expensive. 

The cost of setting up and managing everything in a new place can be tiresome, especially if you’re traveling for a short period. If you don’t have a strict budget, workation packages could be the right choice for you. 

The GRT Hotels and Resorts offer customizable workation packages in Chennai, Pondicherry, Kodaikanal, and other beautiful locations near Chennai. Check their website for more. 

The Xanadu offers workation packages in Kodaikanal. The property is thoughtfully designed, lavishly furnished, and caters to all your needs. Find more about their workation packages by contacting them. 

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