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3 Night Road Trip to Horsley Hills from Bangalore

A road trip to Horsley Hills from Bangalore is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a scenic getaway. Located just 152.4 km away from Bangalore, Horsley Hills is a hill station that offers breathtaking views of valleys, hillocks, and dense forests. The journey to Horsley Hills takes…

A road trip to Horsley Hills from Bangalore is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a scenic getaway. Located just 152.4 km away from Bangalore, Horsley Hills is a hill station that offers breathtaking views of valleys, hillocks, and dense forests. The journey to Horsley Hills takes around 3.5 to 4 hours, depending on the route you choose and the flow of traffic.

The drive to Horsley Hills is a beautiful one, with plenty of scenic spots to stop and take in the views. The road winds its way through lush green forests and past small villages, giving you a glimpse of rural life in India. Once you arrive at Horsley Hills, you’ll be greeted with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing break or an adventure-filled trip, Horsley Hills has something to offer everyone.

A 3-night road trip to Horsley Hills from Bangalore is the perfect amount of time to explore this beautiful hill station. You can take your time driving there, stopping off at scenic spots along the way, and then spend a couple of days exploring the area. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy, from trekking and hiking to bird watching and wildlife spotting. And when you’re not out and about, you can relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of this charming hill station.

Planning the Journey

When planning a road trip to Horsley Hills from Bangalore, there are a few things to consider to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Here are some key factors to keep in mind.

Deciding the Mode of Transport

The most common modes of transport for a road trip to Horsley Hills are by car or bus. If you have access to a car, it may be the more convenient option as it allows for more flexibility in terms of stops and timing. However, if you don’t have a car or prefer not to drive, there are several bus services available from Bangalore to Horsley Hills.

Determining the Duration

The duration of your road trip will depend on the mode of transport and the route you choose. If you’re driving, the distance from Bangalore to Horsley Hills is approximately 152.4 km, and it can take anywhere between 3.5 to 4 hours, depending on the route and traffic conditions. If you’re taking a bus, the journey may take longer, as it may make stops along the way.

Choosing the Route

There are a few routes you can take when driving to Horsley Hills from Bangalore. One popular route is via Hoskote and Chintamalle, which is approximately 165 km and takes around 4 hours.

Another route is via Kolar and Mulbagal, which is approximately 190 km and takes around 4.5 hours. When choosing a route, consider factors such as road conditions, traffic, and scenic views.

Overall, planning your road trip to Horsley Hills from Bangalore requires careful consideration of the mode of transport, duration, and route. By taking the time to plan ahead, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

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Accommodation at Horsley Hills

When planning a road trip to Horsley Hills, it’s important to consider your accommodation options. Luckily, there are a few great options for places to stay while visiting the area.

Haritha Resort

Haritha Resort is a popular choice for visitors to Horsley Hills. This resort is run by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) and offers a range of rooms to suit different budgets. The resort has a total of 40 rooms, including standard and deluxe rooms. All rooms come with basic amenities such as a TV, hot water, and toiletries.

The resort also has a restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines, including Andhra, North Indian, and Chinese. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating areas, and the outdoor area offers great views of the surrounding hills.

If you’re interested in staying at Haritha Resort, it’s recommended that you book your room in advance, especially if you’re planning to visit during peak season.

Homestay Options

For those who prefer a more homely atmosphere, there are several homestay options available in Horsley Hills. These homestays are usually run by local families and offer a more personalized experience.

Homestays in Horsley Hills offer basic amenities such as a comfortable bed, hot water, and home-cooked meals. Some homestays also offer activities such as trekking, bird watching, and bonfires.

When choosing a homestay, it’s important to read reviews and check the amenities offered to ensure that it meets your needs. It’s also recommended that you book your homestay in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles..

Exploring Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills is a perfect destination for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here are some of the best things to explore in Horsley Hills.

Scenic Viewpoints

Horsley Hills is known for its breathtaking scenic viewpoints that offer panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys. The most popular viewpoints are the Gangotri Lake Viewpoint, the Gali Banda Viewpoint, and the Second Valley Viewpoint. These viewpoints are perfect for watching the sunrise or sunset, capturing stunning photographs, and enjoying the serene beauty of nature.

View from Horsley Hills

Nature and Wildlife

Horsley Hills is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The hills are covered with dense forests of eucalyptus trees, which give the place a green and refreshing look. The hills are also home to a variety of wildlife, including rabbits, hares, and various bird species. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk through the forests, go bird watching, or simply relax amidst the colorful trees.

Adventure Activities

Horsley Hills is a popular destination for adventure enthusiasts. Visitors can indulge in a range of adventure activities, including trekking, wall climbing, and ziplining. The hills offer a perfect terrain for trekking, with various trails of varying difficulty levels. Visitors can also try their hand at wall climbing and ziplining, which are available at the Freakout Adventure Park.

Local Cuisine and Dining

When traveling to Horsley Hills, one can enjoy a variety of local cuisines and dining options. Here are some of the best options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

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Breakfast Options

For breakfast, one can try out the local favorite idli, which is a steamed rice cake served with coconut chutney and sambar. Other popular options include dosa, vada, and pongal. There are several small eateries and restaurants in and around Horsley Hills that serve delicious South Indian breakfast.

Lunch and Dinner Choices

For lunch and dinner, one can find a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Andhra-style meals are a must-try, which usually includes rice, sambar, rasam, vegetable curries, and non-vegetarian dishes like chicken or mutton curry. There are also several restaurants that serve North Indian and Chinese cuisine.

One of the popular restaurants in Horsley Hills is the Haritha Restaurant, which is located inside the Haritha Hill Resort. They serve a variety of dishes, including Andhra-style meals, North Indian, and Chinese cuisine. The restaurant also offers a beautiful view of the hills.

Snack Breaks

While exploring Horsley Hills, one can take a break and enjoy some snacks. The local favorite is Mirchi Bajji, which is a spicy chili fritter. Other popular options include Punugulu, which are deep-fried rice and lentil balls, and Masala Vada, which is a spicy lentil fritter. There are several small shops and roadside vendors that serve these snacks.

Overall, Horsley Hills offers a variety of local cuisines and dining options that are sure to satisfy one’s taste buds. So, don’t forget to try out the local favorites while on your road trip.

Historical Significance

Horsley Hills has a rich historical significance that is deeply rooted in the British era. The hill station was named after W.D. Horsley, who served as the collector of Cuddapah district in the early 1870s. Here are some of the notable historical landmarks that you can explore during your road trip to Horsley Hills.

British Collector’s Influence

During the British rule, Horsley Hills served as a summer retreat for the British officials. The British collector’s influence is still visible in the architecture and the layout of the town. You can take a stroll around the town and admire the colonial-style bungalows and buildings that are reminiscent of the British era.

Governor’s Bungalow

The Governor’s Bungalow is a prominent landmark in Horsley Hills. It was built in 1912 and served as the summer residence of the Governor of Madras during the British rule. Today, the bungalow has been converted into a guest house and is open to visitors. You can take a tour of the bungalow and explore the beautiful gardens that surround it.

Ooty of Andhra Pradesh

Horsley Hills is often referred to as the “Ooty of Andhra Pradesh” due to its scenic beauty and pleasant weather. The hill station is surrounded by dense forests and offers breathtaking views of the valley below. You can take a trek to the top of the hills and enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Nearby Destinations

If you have some extra time during your road trip to Horsley Hills, there are several nearby destinations worth exploring. Here are three options to consider:

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Nandi Hills

Located just 60 km from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is a popular weekend getaway for locals and tourists alike. This scenic hill station is known for its panoramic views, ancient temples, and pleasant weather. Some of the top attractions here include the Nandi Fort, Tipu’s Drop, and the Brahmashram cave.

Nandi Hills - View From Top - 1!!!


If you’re interested in exploring a small town with a rich history, Madanapalle is a great option. Located about 100 km from Horsley Hills, this town is known for its association with Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian independence movement. Visitors can explore the Gandhi Memorial Museum, the historic St. Mary’s Church, and the nearby Horsley Hills.


For those interested in spiritual tourism, Tirupati is a must-visit destination. Located about 200 km from Horsley Hills, this town is home to the famous Venkateswara Temple, one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in the world. Visitors can also explore the nearby Sri Venkateswara National Park, which is known for its biodiversity and scenic beauty.

Tirupati Temple

No matter which nearby destination you choose to visit, be sure to plan your itinerary in advance to make the most of your time on the road.

Precautions and Tips

Dealing with Wildlife

While Horsley Hills is known for its scenic beauty and wildlife, it is important to exercise caution when dealing with animals. Monkeys and peacocks are common in the area and can often be found near the roads or in tourist areas. Avoid feeding them as it can lead to aggressive behavior and always keep a safe distance.

Google Maps and Navigation

When planning a road trip to Horsley Hills, it is important to have a reliable navigation system. Google Maps is a great option, but it is important to keep in mind that the roads leading to Horsley Hills can be narrow and winding. Make sure to drive carefully and follow the directions provided by the app. It is also advisable to keep a physical map as a backup..

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good resorts to stay at in Horsley Hills?

Some good resorts to stay at in Horsley Hills are Haritha Hill Resort, AP Tourism Hotel, and Punnami Hill Resort. These resorts offer comfortable accommodation and excellent amenities.

How can I reach Horsley Hills from Bangalore?

You can reach Horsley Hills from Bangalore by car, bus, or train. The best way to travel is by car as it gives you the flexibility to explore the surrounding areas. The journey takes around 3-4 hours depending on the route and traffic.

When is the best time of year to visit Horsley Hills?

The best time of year to visit Horsley Hills is from September to May. The weather is pleasant and the skies are clear during this time. However, if you want to experience the monsoon season, you can visit from June to August.

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