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25 Cheap International Staycation Ideas for Solo Travellers in 2021

There are some things in life that you must do on your own, all by yourself and at least once. Solo Travel is gaining popularity among the travel community steadily due to the sheer spontaneity that comes with it. The quest to discover oneself along with spiritual rejuvenation and flow of adventurous adrenaline becomes a…

There are some things in life that you must do on your own, all by yourself and at least once. Solo Travel is gaining popularity among the travel community steadily due to the sheer spontaneity that comes with it. The quest to discover oneself along with spiritual rejuvenation and flow of adventurous adrenaline becomes a perfect reason to pack your travel bag and climb those serene mountains or stroll by silent beaches, all by yourself. Solo travel also allows you to not be enslaved by the whims and fancies of your fellow travelers, and your planning is largely unmarred by group dynamics. Here are some staycation ideas from around the world that you must explore if you’ve been bit by the little bug called wanderlust!

Varkala, Kerala, India 

A peaceful cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea, Varkala is a coastal town in Kerala. Ponnumthuruthu Island, Papasnanam Beach, Kapil Lake, Janardhan Swami temple are some of the sights to see here. You could also just lie down at the beach in a hammock and watch the day go by because the place is that beautiful. Ayurvedic spas and massages are also famous here. You can get here by train to the Varkala station or a drive from the Trivandrum International Airport. December to March is the best time to visit especially if you need a respite from the cold climate you live in. 

Things to do – explore temples, beaches, and water sports

Budget – $24/day

Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh, India

The number of reasons for stopping you from visiting Ziro is zero. Located in the Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro valley is another captivating destination for solo travelers. With enriched flora and fauna, this place is filled with pine groves and mesmerizing orchids. The rivulets and streams and the crisp mountain air, will not fail to revitalize your tired soul. Dolo Mando is a trek to undertake here. There is also the Ziro Music Festival, which is ideal, amidst the hills for listening to some great music. The best time to visit would be from February to October and for the music festival in September. Tezpur is the closest location to get here by train or air. 

Things to do – Trekking, exploring nature, camping

Budget –  $100 per day

The Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

The Danakil is one of the most unique places on earth. This region of northern Ethiopia is located at the border with Eritrea and is full of dramatic landscapes, from the lava flows of Erta Ale Volcano to the salt desert and the colorful toxic lakes of the Dallol. It’s the home of the Afar people, a nomadic people that is just one of the many indigenous groups of Ethiopia.

Thought to be the cradle of humankind – it was in the Danakil that archaeologists found Lucy, the famous hominid skeleton currently on display at the National Museum of Ethiopia in Addis Abeba –  this area is famous for its harsh living conditions. Best-visited in the spring or summer months (about October to March). The distance between Addis Ababa Airport (ADD) and Danakil Depression is 588 km. 

Things to do – explore the locals, hiking and enjoy some good meals 

Budget –  $ 400 for 3-4 days 

Northern Senegal, West Africa 

Everything north of the Gambian border is considered as the Northern part of Senegal, which is a diversified area with many different things to do.

The highlight of a Senegal itinerary should include the capital and its attractions in the surrounding (Île de Gorée and Lac Rosé), the city of Saint-Louis, some of the beaches in Senegal (for example in Saly or south of it) as well as one of the national or nature parks. Other highlights include the visit to the slavery island of Île de Gorée, the pink lake close to Dakar, and a safari in the Fathala Wildlife Reserve. If you are new to Sub-Saharan Africa, Senegal is one of the easiest countries to travel to. You don’t need a car, you can go nearly everywhere by public transport. 

Things to do – explore the Fathala Wildlife Reserve close to the Gambian border

Budget – $ 300 for 2-3 days 

Meleka, Malaysia 

Malaysia is blessed with many food cities and Melaka is one of them. Solo travelers can make their way to different Muslim-friendly eateries and try asam pedas, durian cendol, and chicken rice ball. Since Melaka used to be a popular trading port in the Straits of Malacca, you can discover its historical past in various museums too. When the sun sets, make your way to Jonker Street to shop for unique gifts and immerse yourself in Melaka’s bustling scene. The nearest airport is Kuala Lumpur International airport. 

Budget – $47 (3 days trip)

Kyoto, Japan

The city of shrines, gardens & palaces! Of all the major Japanese destinations, the sacred city of Kyoto is one of the best places to visit in Japan in spring irrespective of whether you are holidaying with your family or alone. The iconic temples, shrines, palaces, gardens, and bamboo forests are a treat to the eyes, and you cannot afford to miss them on your first trip. Osaka International Airport is the closest airport in Kyoto which is approximately 1 hour from the city. 

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Things to do- Visit the Kiyomizu Temple, Explore the Nijo Castle, visit the famous Kinkaku-Ji 

Budget – $105 per person

Hokkaido, Japan 

The abode of natural hot springs! Popular for its volcanoes, hot springs, and ski areas, this gorgeous Japanese island looks right out of a picture book. And it is because of its various attractions & experiences that it is an impeccable place to holiday alone. Be it the beauty of the Blue Pond or the Zoo, you’d be left mesmerized. It is one of the most ideal places to visit in Japan during summer. New Chitose Airport Sapporo is the closest airport to Hokkaido. You can find local taxis and cabs for a ride. 

Things to do – Relax in the hot spring, treat yourself to scrumptious seafood, visit the famous national parks. 

Budget- $107 per day

Beemster Polder, Netherland

About thirteen miles north of Amsterdam, the Beemster region is an example of a Dutch polder—a flat piece of green farmland formed by draining a body of water. Aside from its cultural significance (it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999), Beemster Polder is a gorgeous landscape, complete with little canals, windmills, and lush, green fields. Make sure to stop by Middenbeemster, which, like most towns in the country, is impossibly charming. The nearest airport is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. 

Things to do – explore the countryside, cycle, visit the windmills

Budget – $300 for 2-3 days 

Boulder, Colorado, USA

With close to 45,000 acres of easily accessible and wide-open landscapes of beauty, it is such a pedestrian and bike-friendly city, with an amazing vibe downtown. There are dozens of galleries, museums, theaters, and dance studios with performances and shows to check out fairly often. The Boulder’s Farmer’s Market is a great way to support local farmers and chefs, and it’s known as one of the biggest foodie towns in North America. The nearest airport to Boulder is Denver (DEN) Airport.  

Things to do – visit Rocky Mountain National Park or Golden Gate Canyon State Park 

Budget – $200 per day

Asheville, NC, USA

Nestled in the Smoky Mountains, this western Carolina city is a favorite among artists and outdoor lovers alike. The cool, tranquil waters of the French Broad River, located within the city limits, are perfect for a kayak trip, while the nearby mountains offer plenty of great hikes and look-out spots for photographers and nature enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a more refined experience, check out the castle-Esque Biltmore Estate, the largest privately-owned house in America. The nearest airport to Asheville is Asheville (AVL) Airport

Things to do – hiking, kayaking, and camping 

Budget –  $1865 for 7 days

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia 

One of the top weirdest places in the world is located in Potosí and Oruro departments, this is the world’s largest salt pan and one of the strange places in the world. And when a thin film of water gathers on the surface it is also the world’s largest natural mirror. The best sight of this space can be observed from central Incahuasi Island. Salar De Uyuni is the remains of a prehistoric lake that dried off and left behind a void space of bright-white salt, rock formations, and cacti-islands. This place harbors large flocks of beautiful pink flamingos that can be seen grazing in the water. The best time to visit this place is in the months of July and October. Fly or take a train/bus to Uyuni and then take a hired vehicle to the salt flats. 

Things to do – explore the unique wildlife

Budget – $300 per day 

Tunnel Of Love, Ukraine 

A section of an industrial railway in Ukraine, this green leafy tunnel seems like something out of a fairy tale. It is known for being a favorite place for couples to take morning or evening strolls. The beauty of the Tunnel Of Love will astound you. Best time to visit – May. Fly to Ukraine and take a bus or train to Rivne. Get to Rivne train station where you’ll be able to see the tunnel. 

Things to do – Visit the locals, travel through the town

Budget – $44 for 2 days 


Bermuda is one of the most famed destinations in the Caribbean, known throughout the world for its gorgeous pink sand beaches and preserved British-American colonial culture. Capital city Hamitlon is home to splendid attractions like the Royal Naval Dockyard complex, the interactive Dolphin Quest, and the National Museum of Bermuda. High-end retailers line the city’s Front Street, which is also home to a plethora of restaurants and bars serving up traditional Bermuda cuisine. The nearest airport to Bermuda is St. George (BDA).

Things to do- The charming North Atlantic Ocean island territory is home to world-class beach destinations like Horseshoe Bay and Elbow Beach, which attract tourists throughout the year for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and watersports. 

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Budget – $175 per day

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are a gorgeous volcanic archipelago in the Caribbean Sea that is governed as an overseas territory of the United Kingdom, comprised of four main islands and a large group of smaller islands. The stunning island chain is known for its coral reef-lined beaches and resort towns, which are popular yachting destinations throughout the year. Sage Mountain National Park protects a gorgeous stretch of tropical rainforest, home to a plethora of native wildlife. The beautiful beachside boulder formations of the Baths draw tourists to lovely Virgin Gorda for photo opportunities. The nearest airport to British Virgin Islands is St Thomas SPB (SPB). 

Things to do – Visitors can explore the beautiful island of Tortola, which is home to vibrant capital city Road Town, showcasing lively attractions like the beautiful J.R. O’Neal Botanical Garden and the bayfront Tortola Pier Park complex. 

Budget – $70 per day 

Cancun, Mexico 

Cancún is a famed resort town on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, located along the country’s Caribbean Sea coastline. The charming resort town was once a hub for indigenous Mayans, showcasing many preserved archaeological sites throughout its surrounding region, including the structures of the El Rey Archaeological Zone. Today, it has become a famed hub for university spring breakers and romantic getaway seekers, home to the massive Zona Hotelera tourist district, which showcases luxury high-rise hotels and resorts, vibrant nightlife destinations, and a wide variety of shopping and dining options. The nearest airport is Isla Mujeres airport. 

Things to do – The region’s beautiful beachfront areas offer opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and watersports throughout the year.

Budget – $95 per day

The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are a collection of three islands within the western Caribbean Sea that are overseen as British Overseas Territory, known as a popular year-round getaway destination for visitors from around the world. The charming island stretch is known for its gorgeous lavish beach resorts on Grand Cayman, which are popular scuba diving and snorkeling destinations. Beachfront areas include acclaimed Seven Mile Beach, known for its expansive pristine sands and gorgeous turquoise waters.. Quaint Little Island is known for its native wildlife populations, including endangered species like Cayman iguanas and red-footed boobies. The nearest airport is Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM / MWCR).

Things to do – On Cayman Brac, visitors can embark on deep-sea fishing excursions offered by a variety of tour companies throughout the area. 

Budget– $1514 per week 

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a charming Caribbean Sea island nation located on the island of Hispaniola, adjacent to the nation of Haiti. The lovely Caribbean nation is a top destination throughout the year thanks to its luxurious resorts and pristine waterfront stretches at areas like the 64-kilometer Coconut Coast. Charming Santiago de los Caballeros is home to the landmark Monument to the Heroes, while Puerto Plata showcases Victorian-era architecture, art galleries, and gourmet restaurants. The Caribbean’s tallest mountain, Pico Duarte, is showcased within the island’s rainforest interior.

Things to do – Visitors can explore the historic Spanish landmarks of Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial, home to beautiful architectural landmarks like the Gothic Catedral Primada de America and the picturesque Calle de las Damas

Budget- $109 per day 

Isla Mujeres, Mexico 

Isla Mujeres is a gorgeous Mexican island within the Caribbean Sea, located just off the coast from the city of Cancún and known for stunning beachfront stretches like Playa Norte. The island, which is named for the Spanish phrase for “Island of Women,” is home to luxurious resort hotels along its four-mile shoreline and is known as a popular day-trip destination for visitors from nearby Cancún, accessible via ferry boat service. Punta Sur showcases a historic lighthouse and the remains of a Mayan temple, along with a sanctuary for native sea turtle species. Opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving abound, including group excursions by local tourism companies. The nearest airport is Isla Mujeres airport. 

Things to do- Visitors can also swim with dolphins, explore the unique Cancún Underwater Museum and its sculptures by Jason deCaires Taylor, or dine at restaurants serving up traditional Mexican and Caribbean cuisine.

Budget- $13,797 one week 

Jaco, Costa Rica

Jacó, Costa Rica is a lovely town on Costa Rica’s Pacific Ocean coastline, located just southwest of the capital city San José. The charming beachfront town is best known as the gateway to spectacular Carara National Park, which protects the nation’s northernmost remaining intact rainforest stretch and is home to significant populations of scarlet macaws and crocodiles. Stunning Jacó Beach is home to rocky gray sands, offering opportunities for swimming and sunbathing throughout the year, while Hermosa Beach is one of the country’s best-surfing destinations. The nearest airport is Santa Maria International Airport. 

Things to do- Visitors can explore beautiful rainforest terrain within Pura Vida Park, including chances to see the stunning Bijagual Waterfall.

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Budget- $63 per day 

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara Falls, Ontario is a lovely Canadian city located at the site of the famed waterfall of the same name, known around the world as one of North America’s greatest natural wonders. The falls, which are actually three separate waterfalls, rush more than six million cubic feet or water per minute over the beautiful Niagara River’s cliffs.. The lively city’s Clifton Hill district is home to a plethora of family-friendly tourist attractions, ranging from arcades, miniature golf courses, and Ripley’s-connected museums to international chain restaurant favorites like Hard Rock Cafe and Rainforest Cafe. The Skylon Tower is home to a midcentury revolving restaurant, while the Niagara SkyWheel offers panoramic views from enclosed gondolas. The nearest airport to Niagara Falls is Niagara Falls (IAG) Airport. 

Things to do- Visitors can view the falls from several observation sites or ride aboard the famed Maid of the Mist tour boat, which approaches the edge of majestic Horseshoe Falls. 

Budget- $130 per day

Quebec City

Québec City is a charming city located on the banks of Québec’s beautiful Saint Lawrence River, dating back to the early 17th century during Canada’s French colonial era.. Gorgeous Petit Champlain is home to cobblestone streets, French-style bistros, and hip boutiques, while the city’s Old Port district showcases marinas and ferry services. Family-friendly attractions include the Museum of Civilization, the Aquarium of Québec, and the Funiculaire du Vieux-Québec, which offers cable car rides up a hilltop. Nearest airport Quebec Jean Lesage International Airport. 

Things to do – The city is home to gorgeous preserved historic attractions within its fortified colonial core, including the historic Citadelle of Québec fortress and the stunning Château Frontenac Hotel, set atop a hilltop overlooking the city’s skyline

Budget– $965 for one week 

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos are an archipelago of 40 beautiful coral islands within the Atlantic Ocean, located just southeast of the Bahamas and overseen as a British Overseas Territory. The gorgeous island nation is best known as the home of spectacular Grace Bay Beach, which stretches for seven miles along beautiful gateway island Providenciales. Provo, as it is referred to by local residents, is known for its luxurious all-inclusive resorts, charming shops, and delicious restaurants serving up local and global cuisine offerings. The nearest island is Providenciales International Airport. 

Things to do – Visitors can enjoy world-class opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling along the island’s 14-mile outlying barrier reef or explore underwater sites like Grand Turk Island’s spectacular 2,000-meter underwater wall.

 Budget- $262 per day


Visitors flock to Yorkshire because there is no place on earth like God’s Own County. The sheer beauty of the landscape, sometimes as unexpected as a dilapidated mill chimney stabbing up through a leaden sky, has inspired generations of painters: from John Atkinson Grimshaw’s moonscapes to the Victorian artists of the Staithes Group to David Hockney’s Yorkshire Wolds. It boasts three national parks, a wild and rugged coastline, and wonderful Victorian architecture, not least the preserved terraced streets and mills of the World Heritage Site of Saltaire. The nearest airport is Leeds Bradford (LBA) Airport. 

Things to do- Visit the best restaurants in Britain

Budget- $200 per day

Devon, UK

Craggy coves and cream teas, surf breaks and strolls, picnics and pints in pub gardens – staycation in Devon are wholesome, simple and scenic. A visit here mixes two of life’s loveliest pleasures: good food and the great outdoors. Most people are drawn to the magnificent beaches on the south and north coasts, but inland Devon has its appeal, too: Dartmoor and Exmoor are vast granite plateaux offering solitude and big skies, while the gentler, Friesian-filled pastures of mid-Devon hide clusters of thatched villages, meandering rivers and thickly wooded cleaves. The nearest airport to Devon is Exeter (EXT).

Things to do – Visit the art galleries, taste apple juice and ice cream 

Budget– $230 per day

Whistler, Canada 

Whistler is a resort town located just north of the city of Vancouver, known around the world as one of Canada’s top destinations for skiing and winter sports. The city is best known as the home of Whistler Blackcomb, one of North America’s largest skiing resorts, which offers opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, tobogganing, and ski jumping. Olympic Park, a venue for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, is open to the public for winter recreation. Top mountain climbing sites in the area include Blackcomb Peak and the majestic Black Tusk. Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is the closest international airport to Whistler. 

Things to do – visitors can stroll through the charming chalet-style village and explore unique attractions like the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, honoring the region’s indigenous culture, and the lovely Audain Art Museum.

Budget- $1547 for a week  

Traveling solo is no longer a niche pursuit. So, grab your backpack and explore the most unique places in the world! 

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